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By Oliver & Heike Dusterhoff

All of our saddles are hand-tooled and individually hand-crafted at our shop in Ider, Alabama U.S.A.



We hand select our materials to ensure that the quality lives up to our standards.


We strive to make saddles as unique as the riders who use them. At the same time we are always thinking of creative designs and when they materialize inside our heads then they go to the production floor.


We meticulously go over each saddle pre and post build to ensure each saddle meets our high quality standards.


Go to our endorsements and testimonials to get a good idea of what the professionals choose. They choose us for the comfort as well as the design that helps them excel their performance in the sport.

Want to read what people say about our saddles? Click where it says WANTED and you will be taken to our Facebook post where the comments are people from the public who commented their feeling about our saddles.

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All you C.S. saddle owners, tell us how you like your C.S. saddle, why did you choose us ? Did…

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Many Varieties

We offer a wide variety of saddle styles for EVERYONE.

Be sure to visit and view all our saddle models, including all options available including pricing etc.

You can see options available for each saddle when you visit the shop. If you wish to get a better view of saddle options then click on the button below READ MORE or go to the navigation up top and then go to ABOUT OUR SADDLES  -> SADDLE OPTIONS to get a larger view of the options.

Globally Used

Our saddles are being used and endorsed by riders all around the world.

Treat Yourself

Featured Products

Here are just a few of our saddles. These may be part of a series that we make or any saddle that we wanted to highlight. Simply click on any of them to go to its page or click on SHOP to see ALL our saddles. You may filter out by series, or size, or color, or whatever you wish once in the shop page.

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Just A Few Testimonials

Read more testimonials here: Testimonials

“… the challenge for me is to find the right fit and continental is just doing that …”

Josiane Gauthier – NRHA Professional

“… I like the feel of them, the versatility of them, I like the leg movement that the saddle offered …”

Josh Lyons – NRHA Professional

“… I love how comfortable I am in the Continental saddle …”

Robin Schoeller – NRHA Professional

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Simple $50 flat rate for all USA orders.

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Customer Service

We offer unsurpassed customer service and support for our saddles.

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